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About Department of Steel and Timber Structures
Department was established at 1969 as department of Special Structures  in Vilnius Civil Engineering Institute.  Department under the name of Steel and Timber structures started his activity in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University at 1995, when former name of Department of Steel Structures was changed. Specialization of department is design of steel, timber and composite structures also in fire situation. Professors of our department have lectures on mentioned subjects in different study programs of our university. Bachelor, master and doctor students of our department prepare and defend them final thesis in subjects related to specialization of our department. Prof. Antanas Šapalas is head of department now.
I line: Chancellor,  doc. dr. A.Komka, Rector prof. dr. A.Daniūnas,  N.Dzikaitė,  head prof. dr. A.Šapalas, prof.habil. dr. A.K.Kvedaras;
2 line: head of laboratory N.Vaškevičius, master G.Kuksov, doc. dr. A.Kavaliauskas, doc. dr. G.Šaučiuvėnas,
Department started his activity at 1995.
1990-1992 m., during reorganization of Vilnius Civil Engineering institute into Vilnius technical university department actively participated in the preparation of new study programs for bachelors, master and doctor studies. Since 20111 till 2010 university study programs and modules where developed further. During this period the department has prepared master subprogram Advanced Light-Gauge Structures for main master program Building Structures. Department is taken responsibility for organizing studies according master program - Building Structures.
In 2002 for undergraduate courses were developed 19 modules covering a range of Real Estate Management, Construction, Energy and Transport, Construction, Building Materials and Products, Construction Management, Highway and Railway engineering, Fire Engineering, for master's degrees - 23 modules for a wide range of Construction, Building Construction and Construction Materials and for special professional studies - 17 modules covering a range of Construction, Building Materials Technology and Safety Engineering program.
2003-2009 department has prepared nine doctoral modules in Civil Engineering Science.
In program and modules preparation procedure helps tight relations with Steel Construction Institute (UK), British Steel, Arcelor Mittal and ESDEP.
Department staff actively assisted the Lithuanian Standards Department, 2006-2010 in preparation of European standards (Eurocodes) documents in the Lithuanian language and their national application documents. Particular attention was given to these documents Lithuanian terms and text justification.
Department through the development of scientific activities, establish and maintain business relationships with many foreign universities and research institutions: the German Weimar Civil Engineering University, Poland, Warsaw and Gdansk University of Technology, England Surrey and the City (London), universities, and Steel Institute (Ascot) of Hungary, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Czech Technical University in Prague, Finland, Helsinki University of Technology, Riga Technical University, Estonia Tallinn Technical University and many others. Such a wide range of Department of International Cooperation Department presents not only the scientific and educational achievements, but is famous in our country - Lithuania.
Department heads were in 1969-1973 - prof. habil. dr.. Anatoly Rozenbliumas, 1973-1979  - dr.. Algirdas Valentinavicius, 1979-1984 - dr. Kazimieras Sapalas 1984-1989  - assoc. prof.dr.. Vladas Vaitkevicius, 1989-1994 - assoc. prof. dr. Jonas Juozaitis, 1994-2008  - prof. habil. Dr.. Audronis Kazimieras Kvedaras since 2008 prof. dr. Antanas Sapalas.
Collaboration with local and international institutions
                Branderburg technical university (Germany)
                Helsinki technical university (Finland)
                Koimbra university (Portugal)
                Porto university (Portugal)
                Surrey university (Great Britain)
                Warsaw university of technology (Poland)
                Weimar technical university (Germany)
                Steel Costruction Institute (Great Britain)
                Rukki OY (Finland)
                Lithuanian radio and television center (Lithuania)
                AB Panevėžys construction company (Lithuania)
                UAB “Raseiniai construction” (Lithuania)
                UAB “Arginta” (Lithuania)
                UAB Glasbel Baltic (Lithuania)
                UAB Jūrės medis (Lithuania)
                UAB "Bitė Lietuva" (Lithuania)
                UAB "Tele2" (Lithuania)
                UAB "Omnitel" (Lithuania)
Department is situated II laboratory building and occupies rooms 28-32
Staff of department consists of: 2 professors, 8 assistant professors, 4 assistants
Department has own Steel and timber research laboratory which is situated in the hall 06
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