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Civil Engineering Studies Study programmes
Civil Engineering
Program description: 
  • Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • State Code: 612H21002
  • ISCED Code: 65416
  • Name of qualification: Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • Level of qualification: University first cycle (undergraduate, Bachelor' s) studies 
  • Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ) level: VI
  • Official length of programme: Four years studies, 240 credits
  • Access requirements: Secondary, advanced or any other corresponding education
  • Mode of studies: Continual studies
  • Programme objectives and competencies acquired: To prepare bachelor of civil engineering, who is able to design buildings and structures applying modern design principals and technologies; to make soil investigations; to organise and manage design and building process, leading to rational use and economy of energetic recourses.
  • Access to further study: Access to the second cycle studies
  • Professional status: The bechelors of civil engineering are acquire all skills necessary for practical work and they are ready for independent professional activities. They can start practical activities in construction and design companies, expert bureaus, departments of ministries, town and regional municipalities or can continue their master studies.
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